“CAPTIVATE Him! (Without Using Your Body) How To Steal A Man’s Heart Without Him Even Knowing: Over 101 Tips On How To Attract and Keep YOUR Mr. Right” is a short, simple, and easy to read relationship handbook for the sophisticated woman. This book gives women insights that you can immediately use to attract AND keep your Mr. Right.

The simple ideas in this book can have an EXTRAORDINARY impact on a woman’s relationship and dating life because it suggests EXACTLY what to do and, how to act.

CAPTIVATE Him! is filled with over 101 tips on what you can start doing RIGHT NOW to attract and keep the man of your dreams. It was written from a man’s perspective and, it bypasses all of the tired old clichés that fill most of today’s relationship books.

If you’re looking for some hip, new, latest and greatest” clichéd advice from the “homegirl huddle” then, this book is NOT the book for you.

CAPTIVATE Him! is a quick read that can be enjoyed over the course of an evening. And it’s simple insights can be applied immediately. It is not a quick fix and yet, it creates a total package that men will find attractive.

If you want the simple truth about the qualities and mental attitude that men REALLY find irresistibly attractive in women…then GET THIS BOOK!

CAPTIVATE Him! is straight talk on what men genuinely want from women. It covers the nonphysical qualities that men find attractive in women. It’s like an attraction cheatsheet for today’s single woman. The author gives women the real deal tips on how to attract and keep good men; no games, no sex tips, and no recycled pop psychology!

This book is a simple guide on how to be the woman that men find mysteriously attractive.

CAPTIVATE Him! takes an insider’s look at the intangible things that men look for in a potential wife, girlfriend, or long term partner. It gives women a man’s perspective on the qualities that attract men to women.

Simply put…this book shares tips on how to be CAPTIVATING!

J.B. Marcus, the author, states:

I don’t claim to be an all-knowing guru. I’m a regular guy that’s in the ‘trenches’. I’m like your big brother or cousin that’s putting you up on the real! I go beyond physical traits because most men are attracted to a nice body and pretty face. The hard part for most women is keeping a man’s interest after she’s washed off her makeup and taken off her Spanx. I share with you the things that my friends and I look for in a woman; the attitude, outlooks, and characteristics of the type of woman we desperately want in our lives.”

This book will show you ways to CAPTIVATE Him!

This book is the PDF version. You can get the book for Amazon Kindle here.

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