“Here’s One Lie That Men Tell Women”


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This post was inspired by a query sent out by a reporter who asked the question: “What’s A Lie That Men Tell? And Why Do They Tell It?”. Below is my response to her question.

Here is one lie that men tell women: “It’s not you, it’s ME!

And here’s why they tell it.

A man will tell this lie to a woman because he wants to get out of the relationship but, he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. (Of course it’s her!)

Men will go to great lengths to avoid hurting a woman’s feelings.

There is usually no consideration that what they are doing or saying could possibly end up hurting the woman more than if they just tell the truth.

Many men underestimate the emotional strength of women.

They feel like if they tell a woman who they are in a relationship with that they are not happy then, the woman will fall to pieces and become an “emotional wreck”.

No man wants to see a woman cry. A woman’s tears are like kryptonite to most men!

Many men would rather risk being seen as a “heel” than to hurt a woman’s feelings.

Men must come to realize that women are not fragile like glass and, don’t need to be coddled. Men must learn to speak with the same directness that women do.

We, as men, must be able to have the tough conversations without regard to generalities, stereotypes or fear. 

What do you think? Have you ever heard “It’s not you, it’s me” before? Have you ever said that? Share thoughts in the Comments section.

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