“Renew! An Encouragement Post To Give You A Lift”

Today is the sunrise of your life. (Photo: Christian Thiergan)

Today is the sunrise of your life. (Photo: Christian Thiergan)

This post is a renewal of sorts for me. It serves as the first post for the AttractandKeep.com relaunch. I’ve decided that in addition to relationship and dating topics, I’ll also be focusing on motivational and inspirational themes as well. I think we all need a little motivational and inspirational encouragement at times. I hope that this post will encourage you to step out and BE BOLD. Live your life with purpose. Pursue your goals and dreams, and be the best YOU that you can be. Read and be encouraged.

This is an encouragement post. My only purpose for this post is for it to encourage you and, hopefully, inspire you to be the best you that you can be. This can be the year that you finally start to make your breakthrough.

You can do it.

Decide to make this year one of the best that you’ve ever lived.

You want a loving romantic relationship?

Decide on what you want in that relationship and then develop in yourself the characteristics that would attract it.

You want to start your own business?

Pick one of your hobbies that you could turn into a business and then do it.

You want to improve your personal appearance or social life?

Write down what you want and then go after it and make it happen.

Right now, today, this very minute, is the best time for you to make a commitment to yourself to become the you that you always wanted to be.

It doesn’t matter what “they” think you can do, it only matters what YOU think (and then know) that you can do.

Don’t settle.

Don’t diminish yourself or your dreams.

I believe that there is a God that created each one of us for a specific purpose. Just think about how special and unique you are.

There is NO one that has ever lived, or will live, that will be EXACTLY like you.

And if God created a purpose specifically for you, then that means that your life has value. And there is something that the world needs that only you can provide.

I understand that we all get down in the dumps sometimes.

It happened to me the other day.

For some reason, I felt like I was living like a hamster running backwards on a treadmill. I felt discouraged because it often seems like I’m not achieving my goals and dreams fast enough.

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever got downright disgusted with yourself because you felt like you should be farther ahead than you are?

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and live life over? Go back and take advantage of all of the opportunities that you wasted.

Well, guess what.

You can’t.

And neither can I.

We’re stuck in the present.

But guess what. Although we can’t go back and change yesterday’s past, we can start creating tomorrow’s. And the way that we do that is by making the most of our present.

Tomorrow’s past is made up of the present.

Decide what you want to be and start being it.

Decide what you want to have and then make a plan and go get it.

Decide what you want to do in life and then do it.

You can have it. You can be it. You can make it happen.

You can change the course of your life by making a decision to change.

Just do it!

Your life will never be all that it can be unless you actively and, consciously make an effort to grow into more.

And once your decision is made to be your best, then make a simple plan of ways to become your best. It doesn’t have to be a long and complex one. Just a few lines on what steps that you can take to create the life that you want.

The next step would be to “just do it”.

Start with the simplest and easiest thing that you can do. Do that one thing.

And then move on.

And then move on to the next.

And then keep going until you build your momentum up to the point that you are being carried along by the force of your actions.

The way that I got out of my slump was to: 1) Acknowledge it, 2) tell myself that my time is coming, and 3) get back to work on my plan.

One of the best things that I believe that you can do to start the process of creating a better life for yourself is to become your own cheerleader.

Talk to yourself in a positive way.

Drown out your negative thoughts (and the negative opinions of others) by bombarding those thoughts with positive ones.

Tell yourself that your time is coming because it has to come. Tell yourself that success will be yours because you are willing to pay whatever price success is going to charge you. Tell yourself that no one is going to create your best life for you.

Get mad. Get excited. Get angry.

And then get busy!

And even if you feel like you are doing what you were destined to be, stretch yourself and see if you can be more.

Your best is waiting for you to come get it.

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